Baby Yoda Reigns Supreme Among MORE New Star Wars Toys Announced At New York Toy Fair 2020

It’s that time of the year again, when tons of new toys inspired by the most iconic pieces of pop culture around. And among the huge number of Star Wars toys announced at the New York Toy Fair 2020, it seems we already have a clear winner before all of them have even been released: Baby Yoda.

Recently, the official Star Wars website unveiled a slew of new toys and other merchandise based on popular Disney+ shows such as The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But of course, with the popularity of the former, Baby Yoda is the unofficial mascot among these toys.

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Among these are the new Hasbro Animatronic Baby Yoda, the LEGO Star Wars sets (and, by extension, the Cosbaby Bobble-Heads by Hot Toys and Mission Fleet by Hasbro), which have since taken the world by storm with their adorable-ness. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each of the new toys with their release dates, though most of them don’t yet have full pricing and availability details.


Everyone’s favourite Force-user will soon be available as a Build-A-Bear figurine. Although we believe you may not be able to customise anything on this Baby Yoda, given the brand’s knack for customisable plushes, this is still a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. Release date TBA.

Bitty Boomer

Baby Yoda will also be available as a handy dandy mini Bluetooth portable speaker. This teacup-shaped version of The Child may yet be the most adorable portable speaker to date, and for good reason. Releases Spring 2020.


This Baby Yoda plushie may look just like any other, but the catch here is that this one comes with a bean bag base, so it will definitely stand on its own two tubby feet. Releases Fall 2020.


Aside from the Animatronic Baby Yoda and the Mission Fleet toys, one of the coolest new products from Hasbro is the life-size Darksaber. Modelled after the one wielded by Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian, this badass weapon will no doubt make your lightsaber-wielding friends jealous. Releases Spring 2020, and will retail for US$29.99.

A new entry in the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection is Imperial Troop Transport as seen in The Mandalorian. As with other Vintage Collection toys, the ITT comes with superb attention to detail, including bits of weathering across the chassis, as well as moving parts, like opening doors, foldable seats, a swivelling turret and a removable roof. Now if only there were actual Stormtroopers to go with it. Releases Spring 2020, and will retail for US$69.99. Pre-orders available now on Amazon.

Hasbro is also giving classic tabletop games some love with Star Wars: The Mandalorian Editions of Operation and Trouble. As bizarre and horrifying as Operation might sound, you need not perform surgery on The Child, but rather take away toys it has stolen from its adventures with Mando, like the adorable klutz it is. Available Spring 2020. Operation will retail for US$19.99, while Trouble will go for US$14.99.

And rounding up Hasbro’s long list is a new array of Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures action figures. Leading the line is Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice from Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano, as well as a squadron of Clone Troopers under her liege. Releases Spring 2020, and will retail for US$9.99 per figure.


Arguably one of the more interesting entries on this list is this Loungefly mini backpack made in the likeness of Baby Yoda. The entire backpack resembles the hovering pod that The Child presides in, with the little guy’s ears poking out adorably. Releases June 2020.


While we already know that Funko will be releasing vinyl figures based on The Mandalorian, it will also release a couple of T-Shirts featuring Funko Baby Yoda. If this isn’t the way, then we don’t know what is. Release date TBA.

Fifth Sun

Rounding off this list is a new line of Star Wars: The Clone Wars made-to-order T-shirts from Fifth Sun. This particular shirt features the helmets of Clone Force 99 a.k.a the Bad Batch in spectacular style. Release date TBA.

This was one incredible list of new Star Wars toys and merchandise that were announced at New York Toy Fair 2020.