Hasbro Wants To Melt Your Heart With This Adorable Baby Yoda Animatronic

With Disney+ slowly but surely ramping its content library, one of the standouts has to be The Mandalorian. The show’s exploration into the lore of Star Wars and its colourful characters definitely struck a chord with the audience, and no one did it more than Baby Yoda/The Child.

Not just on-screen, the cute alien is making waves in the toy market as well. Knockoffs and official products have been battling it out for supremacy, but the king of them all may have just dropped at 2020’s New York Toy Fair with Hasbro.

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The Child Animatronic Edition is as lifelike as possible, coming with the coos and sounds made by the creature in the show. Its ears wiggle, the head tilts from side to side, and it definitely will extend its tiny fingers to use the Force. Even the adorable bassinet is accurate, and we all instantly get why Mando did what he did.

According to Hasbro, touching The Child’s head will activate over 25 sound and motion combinations, and he will even take a “Force nap” if you lay him down.

Pre-orders start today, and it is at the crazy low price of just US$59.99. Together with Baby Yoda, you will also get Mando’s necklace, but unfortunately, no bassinet. With its life-like appearance and all the adorableness, this is definitely one purchase you do not want to miss.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait till 15 December 2020 for its release. But hey, at least it’ll make it in time for the X’mas holidays.

Now if only Hasbro were to sell that floating pod too….