Assassin’s Creed Takes Leap Of Faith Into Monster Hunter: World In Surprise Crossover

Monster Hunter: World has seen the come and go of many, uh, monster-sized collaborations that help to break the monotony of beast-hunting, from Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s Aloy and Devil May Cry‘s Dante, to Street Fighter 5‘s cast of characters and Final Fantasy creature battle face-offs.

In yet another famed team-up, Capcom’s juggernaut of a title has stealthily brought the world of Assassin’s Creed to players, where two cosmetic armour sets from the Ubisoft-led series are up for grabs. It comes at the price of hard work, though, and monster slayers will find themselves embarking on a challenging quest to obtain either the Bayek Layered Armour (Assassin’s Creed Origins) or Ezio’s Assassin’s Hood (Assassin’s Creed 2) – or both – by claiming victory over three of the Monster Hunter: World‘s most fearsome monsters.

Very aptly titled SDF: Silent, Deadly and Fierce, it pits players against the likes of an Odogoran, the Brute Wyvern Deviljho, and the extremely perilous elder dragon Lunastra. The trio is undoubtedly a deadly and formidable team, but fortunately for players, the battle takes place in two stages: first with the Odogoron-Deviljho duo, then Lunastra as a solo boss, instead of all three at once. It does take on a flat-out beatdown format, however, which means repeated failures are expected, although the attempts are more likely to be more enjoyable than frustrating.

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Teaming up is always an option should soloing prove to be a difficult affair. The trick is to match the beasts’ wild nature by exercising all-out aggression and utilise every little action to one’s advantage. For instance, the Deviljho and Odogoran can both be deceived into fighting each other since they spawn together into the arena, so cannons are good to chip away at their health while they continue to be distracted.

A Senu feather will be awarded to players upon each successful run, in which two are needed to exchange for Ezio’s and Bayek’s outfit each – a small price to pay for a badass assassin, or badass-assin, appearance. Apart from dealing additional damage in stealth mode, the Assassin’s Hood also grants speed boosts to the running, climbing, and running after crouching stats, which would come in handy while hunting, though not by a lot. Unfortunately, with all things Monster Hunter: World, PC gamers will have to wait a little while before experiencing the Silent, Deadly and Fierce event.

Both costumes may not be comparable to Dante’s armour that comes blessed with stronger stats and more practical advantages, but there’s a sort of silly enjoyment and slight nostalgia to donning the assassin garbs – especially Ezio – and going on monster-hunting adventures in them. Besides, the gear complements nicely with the rugged elegance of Monster Hunter: World, and serves as a good lead-up to the upcoming Witcher 3 collaboration, where Geralt is turned into a playable character. Joy!

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