The Monster Hunter: World X Street Fighter 5 Madness Continues

Following the favourable reception to the latest instalment of the acclaimed Monster Hunter franchise, Capcom is definitely not sitting back and enjoying the plaudits.

With Monster Hunter: World selling well, the Japanese company intends to keep the hype going with even more crossovers after the Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration.

Players of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition will be getting themed armour sets for Ken (Rathalos), R. Mika (Zinogre), and Ibuki (Kirin).

Each set is a reward in the new Extra Battle Mode, and are currently timed challenges, so do not miss out.

Hunters are also getting in on the fun, with the announcement of Ryu and Sakura costumes. These would be full armour sets as well, for both male and female hunters, and can even change the voice of your hunter to Ryu’s or Sakura’s.

Gamers who already have a Street Fighter 5 save file can gain access to the costumes via a special quest – Down the Dark, Muddy Path – which rewards you with “SFV” tickets that can be used to craft the Ryu set.

For the rest of us, we will have to wait for the Event Quests to rotate to get a shot at obtaining the new armour sets.

Here’s a full breakdown of the extra content:

  • Guild Card: Bonus Stage – FREE
  • Achievements: Rival, Destined, Living Legend and Bandana Girl – FREE
  • Pose: Shoryuken & Hadoken – FREE
  • Gesture: Street Fighter V Hadoken – $3.99
  • Gesture: Street Fighter V Shoryuken – $3.99
  • Stamp Set: Street Fighter V Set – $1.99