The Arcwave VaCum Fuses Housework And Pleasure Into One With Ingenious Suction Technology

Arcwave is known for their range of high-tech sex toys. When it comes to sex toys, one of the most important features is its suction. With technology, often the application is limited only by one’s imagination. Arcwave, recognising their expertise in the realm of suction, is entering a new market – vacuum cleaners. Following Ion, the world’s first air-pulsating penis stroker, Arcwave is introducing the VaCum to the world.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just a normal vacuum cleaner. As its name suggests, the VaCum a two-in-one device that serves as both a hand-held vacuum and a stroker. In vacuum mode, the VaCum can effectively clean up dust and crumbs using the patented Pleasure Air Technology with its strong suction, and in stroker mode, it gives the frenulum just a right amount of stimulation with its pulsating air waves for maximum pleasure.

Arcwave VaCum

The inspiration for this new device is taken straight from real life, where the more adventurous among us already use conventional vacuum cleaners as a pleasure tool. However, that is a dangerous thing to do as those vacuum cleaners are not designed for stimulation and could cause serious injuries to one’s delicates. Arcwave’s VaCum creates a safe alternative for those who want to easily switch between doing house chores and doing themselves.

The best part? Cleaning up is much easier than before due to this dual purpose device. It is also very discreet, as it looks just like a regular vacuum cleaner. This is not a sex toy you’ll feel guilty leaving out blatantly in the open, which sounds almost too good to be true.

The VaCum is very easy to use. Users can switch between modes with just a press of a button, and in stroker mode, users just need to insert the CleanTech silicone sleeve into the suction cavity before they get to indulge. Following that, the sleeve simply needs to be rinsed under water or cleaned with a sex toy cleaner.

The VaCum offers eight intensity levels, a IPX7 waterproof rating, and will be available on the Arcwave website starting from 18 April 2022 for US$270. For those who prefer a more singular focus for their sex toys, the Ion remains a great choice. For the ladies, there is also the Womanizer.