First American Adult Expo Is Coming To SEA, Steady Porn Bi Bi

Forget about tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert – there’s now another massive conference that you’ll beat yourself off silly for missing.

The organisers of the highly popular and successful AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas is getting in bed with the Asia Adult Expo, to bring the first-of-its-kind conference to Asia, and plans are underway to have the week-long event to the highest bidder.

This will mark the first time that an adult event of this scale will be held anywhere in Southeast Asia, and attendees can expect to see adult products and brands in town, along with some of the more well-known adult talents entering the region with a bang, and Singapore is emerging the top favourite destination.

While this is the first adult entertainment convention and trade show of its kind, this is not the first time that an adult-themed event has been held in the region, though not at this scale.

Last year, sex toy brand Tenga participated in the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2023, offering their latest products to attendees in Singapore.

We understand that the genesis of this event was borne from adult film star Eva Alfie, who was in Singapore in October 2022, for The International 2022 global online competition. The Russian actress, nude model, and YouTuber was in town for a week, and was so overwhelmed by adoring fans who wanted photos with the star that she mooted the idea of organising the event in Singapore.

The dates for the events have not been fixed though it’s understood that while there are plans to bring this enormous event across Southeast Asia, interested parties are making the proposal to organisers for exclusive rights to host the event only in the Little Red Dot.

This plan was mooted after it was revealed that organisers of the recent Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Singapore were paid for exclusive rights, blocking Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines from having the concert in those countries. It has been reported that the six sell-out concerts in Singapore generated up to S$500 million (US$370 million) in tourism dollars that benefited restaurants, hotels and the music industry, among others. 

That event also brought in a higher proportion of women, who make up the fans of the pop star and it is believed that this conference is expected to draw in more men to the country, and since men have a distinctly higher spending power than women, that the tourism dollars generated from this event will exceed the Wildest Dreams of any organisers.

Given the rather strict laws in Singapore, attendees should not expect to see scantily clad women appearing at conventional spaces. A partner for the event, who declined to be named in case his wife and girlfriends find out, “Eva is just one of many stars we were looking at hosting in Singapore. Pretty soon, we will be filming videos all across the top hotels in Singapore and I guarantee that by the end of the year, folks from all around the world will recognise the local tourist sites, hotels and restaurants that will become the backdrop of these videos.”

“Ask anyone and they can tell you that Japan’s Hanazono Room, officially No. 136 Hanazono Room, is one of the most recognisable filming location to all young-blooded males in the world. We aim for an iconic location here to achieve the same climax, and this will be the best way for fans to come together for this amazing event,” said a source close to Eva Alfie in an exclusive interview.

Unfortunately, the star refused to expose herself by revealing more until the proper time.