Adidas’ The Mandalorian Sneaker Collection Is The Way To Celebrate Season 2 Premiere

Everybody’s favourite spacefaring Western in The Mandalorian is back with its second season on Disney+. And what better way to celebrate the hugely-popular Star Wars spinoff than with a brand-spanking new Adidas Originals x Star Wars sneaker pack inspired by the show?

The Mandalorian Collection is a massive pack featuring not one, not two, but nine silhouettes inspired by the various iconic characters of the show. And the best part is that they are all available now on the Adidas US online store, alongside other Adidas Originals x Star Wars collaborations, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, and Chewbacca.

Leading the lineup is the NMD_R1 The Mandalorian Shoes, which pay homage to the series’ titular helmeted protagonist. It actually comes in two colourways; the first is a beautifully subtle Core Black/Simple Brown/Silver Metallic colourway (US$140 / S$200), and the other is a more earthy, kids-only Brown/Pale Nude/Maroon variant (US$120 / S$150).

The Mandalore symbol and Mando’s helmet adorn the tongue of the former and latter respectively, and various nods to his weapons and Beskar steel armour riddle the mesh upper. Regardless of which colourway you go for, the NMD_R1 is arguably the perfect silhouette to celebrate the iconic anti-hero.

With two sneakers dedicated to Mando, it’s only fair for Adidas to launch two sneakers inspired by Baby Yoda, right? Wrong — there are actually four shoes dedicated to the iconic cutie.

The first of the bunch inspired by The Child is Top Ten The Child Shoes (US$90 / S$140) in Bliss/Cream White/Linen Green. This sneaker comes in a soft, supple suede upper that we imagine matches the soft, supple cloth that the little fella comes wrapped in, so your feet can remain snug and comfy in any weather. Baby Yoda’s visage is imprinted on the tongue tag, with the phrase “The force is strong with this little one”, so you’re always reminded of how awesome (and adorable) this little guy is everywhere you go. It also comes in a kids-only variant in Cream White/Pale Nude/Glory Mint (US$80 / S$140) just in case you want your little ones to get in on the Baby Yoda hype too.

The other Baby Yoda-inspired sneaker in the pack is the members-exclusive The Child Superstar Shoes (US$90 / S$140). Like most other Adidas Superstars, this sneaker comes with a super clean leather upper, this time in Linen Green/Cream White, with hits of Core Black on the stripes and heel counter. A symbol of Baby Yoda with the same phrase “The force is strong with this little one” is imprinted on the heel counter, with “The Child, 50th Anniversary” in Aurebesh printed on the tongue tag, as a nod to The Child’s age in the series.

The women’s-only NMD_R1 The Child Find Your Way Shoes (US$140 / S$200) is another great way to celebrate Baby Yoda. It comes in a really clean Cream White/Pale Nude/Clear Mint colourway, with a silver “Find Your Way” tongue tag reminding wearers to do just that, as The Child does to team up with Mando in the show.

The next entry in the pack is the Nizza Beskar Steel Shoes (US$70), and only comes in women’s sizes. These Brown/Raw Desert/Maroon platform sole shoes are made to celebrate the Armorer, who became synonymous with the forge back on Nevarro in Season 1. The furry suede stripes on the leather upper are a nice homage to the furry shoulder guards adorning her armour, while her visage is printed on the gold tongue tag as a nod to her helmet.

Mando’s clash with the Mudhorn from the second episode of Season 1 was one of the more memorable moments in the series, as it also saw the debut of The Child’s Force powers. And now, that entire episode is immortalised in the ZX 2K Boost Mudhorn Shoes (US$150 / S$200). It comes in a Cloud White/Glory Mind/Core Black colourway as a nod to the tag-team of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda against the hulking beast.

Rounding off the pack is the Gazelle Darksaber Shoes (US$100 / S$140). In case the name didn’t give you enough of a hint, this shoe is a celebration of The Mandalorian‘s main antagonist, Moff Gideon. Its Core Black/Silver Metallic/Grey Four colourway is reminiscient of his armour, with the silver parts made with a 3M material that glows in the dark, much akin to that of his darksaber. Perfect for fans of the Imperial officer.

Regardless of which sneaker you’re copping, the The Mandalorian Collection is absolutely the way to honour the premiere of Season 2 of the Disney+ series.