A Physical Stranger Things House Is Being Built In Seoul Right Now

With the impending release of a Stranger Things third season on the horizon, it’s only expected that promotional efforts are in the pipeline. In what seems to be in the beginning construction stages of an on-ground event, a Stranger Things-themed house has been spotted in Korea.

Located in the Hongdae area and near the premises of an Amano building, the establishment is pretty much still in the work-in-progress stage, with only a wooden signboard giving away its relevance to Netflix’s juggernaut of a show.

It remains unclear what the initiative will eventually shape up to be, although the presence of arcade machine-like designs may hint at the building of a possible themed old-school arcade in the country, which would be in line with the show’s 1980s-setting and its upcoming retro game based on the season three. Another reasonable guess could be a new standalone haunted house event, considering how Stranger Things has made its way to Universal Studio Singapore’s Halloween Horror Night 8 in September last year (2018).

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No matter the case, it appears the hugely-popular series is going bigger, and we’re stoked to see that it has grown much from its debut days. Below are some pictures of the house’s facade:

And the usual street view of the area for comparison:

If you’re intending to head over to Seoul when the third season drops, you may also wish to check out the Nike x Stranger Things collection and turn up all ready to relive the summer of a time long past.

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