5 Spider-Man Characters We Actually Want To See In A Movie

We may not have any Spidey-Sense, but long-time Spider-Man fans would have their own wish-list of characters they want to see on the big screen, and in all the list across all the multiverse, Madame Web is nowhere near the top of any list.

And you don’t need to see the future to know that.

In the vast collection of Spectacular comics, Peter Parker is just one thread in a rich cast of characters and while the wall-crawler himself has swung across screens in numerous blockbuster films, countless characters from his world have yet to step into the spotlight.

From seasoned heroes to cunning villains, the Spider-Verse is teeming with untapped potential for thrilling adventures and while there was, and continues to be demand for a Venom movie,  enough with plucking random characters like Morbius and Kraven from the margins of Spider-Man’s cast.

As Amazing fans, here are some standout Spider-Man characters who we believe actually have the ability to captivate audiences with their unique stories and personalities, and deserve their time on the silver screen.

1) Agent Venom

Move over Eddie Brock. When Peter Parker’s high school bully Flash Thompson received the Venom symbiote after returning as a war veteran, he was able to reproduce the legs he lost in battle and became Agent Venom. Alongside powers comparable to Spider-Man, Agent Venom would often manipulate the symbiotes into offensive tendrils, talons, and even guns to leverage his skilled marksmanship.

Flash Thompson is a compelling character due to his complex and evolving journey, which is deeply rooted in themes of redemption, heroism, and inner conflict. Initially portrayed as a bully, Flash’s character undergoes a profound transformation inspired by Spider-Man’s selfless actions. Despite his efforts to change, Flash struggles with alcoholism and lingering feelings of shame, compounded by a strained relationship with his father. Becoming Agent Venom forces him to confront his inner demons and navigate the complexities of being a hero while balancing military obligations.

In the comics, Agent Venom has even had stints with the Secret Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy!

2) Black Cat

As one of Spider-Man’s most intriguing allies and adversaries, Black Cat possesses a blend of cunning intellect, masterful thievery, and undeniable charm. While Sony planned a Black Cat And Silver Sable film (titled Silver & Black) before it got surreptitiously cancelled, Black Cat on her own could be compelling enough to steer a movie.

A solo adventure focusing on Felicia Hardy’s escapades as Black Cat could combine elements of heist thrillers with superhero action. With her complex ties to the dangerous underworld of New York City, along with her own code of honour, Black Cat’s story offers a tantalising glimpse into the morally grey areas of the Spider-Verse.

3) Spider-Man Noir

Sure, Spider-Man Noir has appeared in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but we believe that the character has the ability to stand on his own, and Sony seems to agree, as Nicolas Cage is reportedly in talks to star in the live-action Spider-Man Noir show.

Spider-Man Noir presents a unique twist on the classic Spider-Man tale by transporting the iconic hero into a gritty, noir-inspired setting. Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression and the looming shadow of World War II, this iteration of Spider-Man navigates through a dark and morally ambiguous landscape, where corruption and crime run rampant.

What makes Spider-Man Noir compelling is its stark departure from the traditional superhero narrative, opting instead for a brooding atmosphere filled with mystery, intrigue, and moral ambiguity. The character himself is reimagined as a trenchcoat-clad vigilante who prowls the streets of New York City, using his keen intellect and resourcefulness to combat injustice. With its captivating blend of noir aesthetics, complex storytelling, and a morally conflicted protagonist, Spider-Man Noir offers a fresh and compelling take on the beloved superhero mythos, appealing to fans of both Spider-Man and classic film noir.

4) Silk

Yes, we know that work has begun on a live-action Silk project, but things seem to have tangled and it was recently reported that Amazon Prime Studios, which was developing the project, has scrapped the Writer’s Room on the project. Don’t let the failure of Madame Web influence you, and also, don’t cast Dakota Johnson.

Introduced as another victim of the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker, Cindy Moon possesses powers similar to Spider-Man’s but with some minor twists. Rather than poking at Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, Silk offers a way to do a Spider-Man-style story without Spider-Man, aligning with Sony’s approach to their Sony Spider-Man Universe (SSU).

A movie exploring Silk’s origin story and her quest to uncover the secrets of her past would be a captivating addition to the Spider-Man cinematic universe. With her unique abilities and mysterious backstory, Silk has the potential to carve out her own niche as a compelling and dynamic hero on the big screen, while adding some much-appreciated attention for Asian/female superheroes.

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5) Superior Spider-Man

What if Spider-Man was more gritty and violent? Superior Spider-Man, also known as Doctor Octopus or Otto Octavius in Peter Parker’s body, tackles moral and ethical dilemmas unique to Spider-Man. After switching minds with Peter Parker, Doctor Octopus initially uses his newfound powers for personal gain and adopts a more ruthless approach to crimefighting.

However, as he inhabits Peter’s body and experiences his memories and emotions, Otto Octavius undergoes a gradual transformation. He begins to understand the responsibility that comes with being Spider-Man and strives to become a better hero. This internal conflict between his villainous tendencies and Peter’s sense of duty creates a complex and morally grey character. Additionally, Superior Spider-Man’s intelligence and strategic thinking, coupled with his unorthodox methods, make him a formidable and unpredictable force.

Overall, the character’s evolution, internal struggle, and unconventional approach to heroism make him a compelling and multifaceted (albeit controversial) anti-hero deserving of time on the silver screen.

Bonus: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man

Forget the Sinister Six because for a long time, it looked like Sony was exploring that option, before they too forgot about it. The Superior Foes of Spider-Man focuses on a group of C-list Spider-Man villains instead of the typical standalone superhero protagonist or anti-hero. Sure, it’s a bit of a cheat to feature a whole gang instead of a singular character, but this allows for exploration of the villains’ motivations, struggles, and interpersonal dynamics, offering a more nuanced understanding of their characters.

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man blends humour with elements of crime and noir, creating a unique tone that could easily translate to film, akin to something like The Guardians of the Galaxy or The Suicide Squad. The comic series was such a sleeper hit among critics and fans that it expanded from its initially planned 12 issues to 17, a rare feat in the comic book world.

As Sony’s attempts to expand the Spider-Man universe result in embarrassing messes like Morbius and Madame Web, it’s time to reevaluate its approach and prioritise storytelling integrity and fan engagement over haphazard attempts to capitalise on the Spider-Man brand. Only by respecting the source material and the characters that fans hold dear can Sony truly succeed in building a cinematic universe worthy of the Spider-Man legacy.