Singapore Follows Malaysia, Yanks ‘Fight Of Gods’ From Steam


It looks like we spoke too soon. Singapore is not that different from Malaysia, as over the weekend, Fight Of Gods was unceremoniously yanked from the Singapore Steam store.

The developers were supposed to showcase the game at GameStart 2017 over the weekend, but left a note to inform attendees that it was KO for them. Here’s their note.

Rumours are circling around the industry that a complaint of the game was made to the authorities, who then had no choice but to act on it.

If you know of more details, do drop us a note.


We all love fighting games, from Street Fighter, Dead Or Alive, to Tekken. The premise is always simple, as players masterfully or randomly button mash themselves to success, as they deplete the opponent’s health bar and emerge the winner.

Fighting games have also crossed many genres, from the occult (Darkstalkers) to comic books (X-Men: Children of the Atom), but none have explored the theme of pitting gods against each other.

That is until the advent of Fight of Gods, a fighting game that features “gods, holy spirits and mythological characters from around the globe and throughout history” trading punches, kicks and special abilities against each other.

Now, fighting games have never been realistic (We’re staring at you Mai Shiranui), but this game has been deemed so offensive that within one day of its release on Steam, Malaysia actually prevented nationwide access to the gaming service, until the game was removed from the store in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s ban-hammer on the entire Steam store front.

The odd thing is, the only prophet featured in the game is Moses, so draw your own conclusions.

Thankfully, Singaporeans cannot be bothered with it all because our sensibilities are tuned for other, much more important things.

Here are five reasons why Singaporeans can’t care less about a game that was probably created to draw attention..

#5. God of War

We’ve already seen Kratos kicking serious ass on other gods in seven video games since the PlayStation 2. By now, Singaporean gamers (and authorities) have grown accustomed to such heavenly conflict, so it matters little to us.

Is God Of War available in Malaysia? Anyone? #GreekGodsLivesMatter

#4. Deities? Try Race

We can’t even make up our minds over real issues, such as what constitutes being a Chinese, Malay and Indian, and you expect us to argue over deities?

#3. Palmed By Buddha

If you grew up with a staple diet of Stephen Chow movies, you would be familiar with Kung Fu Hustle. And naturally, you would also know the true power of the Buddha’s Palm. It’s not the first time that Buddha has appeared in an Asian production, especially not as a fighter.

#2. The True Power of Heaven

Given our high drive for material goods, the only thing that matters in Singaporean’s lives is money. Because, if money can solve a problem, what good is the power of prayer?

#1. Gum

We’ve banned gum, and the world has been laughing at us. It’s also pretty much how the world see us, so we don’t need another reason for the world to laugh at us. Malaysia, you can have this one.

But if you do play this game, or any game, remember to always be like God when playing.


Because Jesus saves.

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