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You Might Be Able To Play PlayStation 4 Games On Nintendo Switch Soon

Cross-play has long been in the conversation when it comes to the current and next generation of video games. Arguably one of the most interesting potential results of this talk could be the ability to play PlayStation 4 (or even the PS5) games on the Nintendo Switch.

How? With the PlayStation Remote Play feature, of course. Recently, Reddit user u/YouRedditHereFirst pointed out a recent Remote Play survey handed out by Sony. The survey itself posed a few questions regarding “upcoming features”, including expanding the streaming service to other 3rd-party devices and services including Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, and Android TV.

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Although expanding the roster of Remote Play devices isn’t new (since we’ve had the likes of iOS and Android devices join in recent years), the prospect of streaming and playing games on the Switch is an interesting one, as Sony and Nintendo are undisputed competitors in the console gaming scene.

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But if this feature does go through, it would certainly be a welcome alternative to the community who don’t own a PlayStation Vita (which was discontinued in 2019), and want a similar Remote Play experience.

Conversely, while this may be no Nintendo Switch Pro, the prospect of playing the likes fo God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn on the Switch is certainly an interesting one, to say the least.

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