You Can Now Enjoy Half-Life: Alyx Without A VR Headset

Valve‘s Half-Life series has been a staple for many gamers of a certain vintage. With the release of Half-Life: Alyx, many were obviously excited to jump into the world they love so much once again. However, a big problem presented itself. As a VR-only title, you are out of luck if you do not own a VR headset. Now, the problem has more or less been circumvented.

Thanks to a new Half-Life: Alyx mod, players can now complete the prequel adventure without the use of a VR headset. While not the first non-VR mod, this latest creation is the first to allow Half-Life: Alyx to be completed with very little issues.

Be warned, however, as the controls will be complicated due to the lack of dedicated VR controllers, but it is sure as hell better than nothing.

The non-VR mod for can be downloaded on its GitHub page.

Valve has also previously expected the community to come up with solutions such as this.

The answer to this diverges significantly depending on which members of the team you talk to, so this answer is definitely just from me. There are a set of people on the team that are concerned about that.

Personally, I’m not concerned about it at all. It will clearly demonstrate to people why we did Half-Life: Alyx in VR. It will be a very crisp way of seeing all the stuff we got for the move into VR. If people play a modded version on a standard display and say this is is just as good, that will teach me a lot. I will realize I’m wrong, and we didn’t get as much as we thought, and I love to know whenever I’m wrong.

Half-Life: Alyx designer, Robin Walker

Half-Life: Alyx is now available on Steam.

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