You Are Already Drunk Just Looking At This Official Fist of the North Star Whisky From Japan

Yup, we now live in a time where literally anything is possible, and usually, those limits are tested in Japan. From life-size Mobile Suit Gundams, to Pokéball ice-cream, anime-inspired manhole covers, and even to politicians running for the government while cosplaying as popular anime characters, the Land of the Rising Sun is just full of surprises, especially of the kind that pays homage to one of its most iconic forms of entertainment ever.

And now, we have an official whisky label inspired by Fist of the North Star. To be fair, this is actually liquor distilled in Scotland, but there is no mistaking the presence of Kenshiro and Raoh on the labels. Furthermore, there is probably no better liquor to honour the iconic manga and anime series from 1983 than whisky.

There are two single-malt variants of this whisky. The first, featuring Kenshiro on the label, is a 20-year-old Teaninich, which contains 47.1% alcohol. It contains a blend of cinnamon, green banana, grapefruit, and sweet red beans for a sweet, fruity and nutty punch (probably not what you’d imagine from Kenshiro’s Hokuto Shin Ken fighting style).

The second, which features Kenshiro’s archnemesis Raoh, is a 22-year-old Speyside Glentauchers, which is 51.8% alcohol. Unlike the above, this variant is a lot more spicy and malty, thanks to a combination of herbs, lemongrass, sweet banana chips, and plum wine. We’re not sure if this will inflict slow and agonising death with every sip, as is the case with Raoh’s fighting style, but we’re certain it assures one of a lip-smacking good time with its smoothness and spiciness.

The Fist of the North Star whiskies can be purchased from Whiskey Mew in Japan (via Sora News 24). The Kenshiro variant will retail for ¥19,000 yen (US$179), while the Raoh one will go for ¥22,000 yen (US$207).