Xbox One High Flyers Mega Giveaway

Starting this week, Microsoft is giving Xbox One owners to win the trip of their lifetime just by logging on and playing select games from their library.

In what looks to be a whirlwind itinerary spanning 3 continents over 10 days. This has got to be the biggest prize I’ve seen offered by any video game company this side of the world. Here’s the proposed itinerary –

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Day 1 – Visit Ubisoft Singapore’s Assassin’s Creed sound studio to record your voice [meh but okay]

Day 2 – Zero Gravity flight [This is the prize offered, we are not talking about some turbine tunnel]

Day 3 – Attend Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona [Watch the halftime show live! And no ads, but wait, that’s the best part!]

Day 4 – Depart for Vancouver, Canada

Day 5 – Visit the EA Sports Studio for a Motion Capture session, followed by a visit to Capcom Studios [Two studios in a day? Bring a big bag for loot!]

Day 6 – Visit Turn 10 Studios and Xbox HQ in Seattle [More loot!]

Day 7 – Visit Insomniac Studios and get a joy ride on the Warthog [Yay to Sypro and Sunset Overdrive!]

Day 8 – Travel to United Kingdom for lunch at Playground Games

Day 9 – Attend the MerseySide Derby [Atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere!]

Day 10 – Travel Home

Looks like they missed out a travel day to the states from Day 2.

Kicking things off (no pun intended) would be FIFA 15 from now till 16 November, this is then followed by –

Week 2 (17-23 Nov) – Forza Horizon 2

Week 3 (24-30 Nov) – Sunset Overdrive

Week 4 (1-7 Dec) – Assassin’s Creed Unity

Week 5 (8-14 Dec) – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Week 6 (15-21 Dec) – Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Week 7 (22-28 Dec) – Dead Rising 3

It looks to me that all genres are well represented here and even new, unreleased titles such as Assassin’s Creed  and Halo (releasing today) are featured. Plonking down cash for seven titles in such a short span of time will be quite a hit on the wallet.

However, playing each game during its featured week earns you a separate chance. So eventually, the most dedicated will stand to gain 7 chances in total.

There isn’t much details on how winners are determined but it looks as though logging on to Xbox Live and booting up your game for a minute might suffice. Small effort for a big prize. While there will only be one eventual winner who gets to bring along a plus one. Players who power up and play the featured game of the week stand to win small token prizes as well.

Get ready and start playing! The competition is open to Xbox One fans in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and New Zealand. One winner per country!

There’s quite a bit of terms to such an epic prize. So, remember to read all the fine print at http://www.xbox.com/en-sg/highflyers/terms