If there was one thing that was completely palpable at the GameStart 2014 media conference, it was the bristling excitement of being part of a series of firsts by all players involved.

In a very energetic display from exhibitors and partners alike, it was clear that there was a distinct sense of pride in being part of Southeast Asia’s inaugural gaming convention run by gamers, for gamers. Clearly felt as a stepping stone needed by both gamers and exhibitors, GameStart’s media briefing kicked off with a nervous energy highlighting a sequence of applause gathering announcements.

With a rousing endorsement of the event, Sony proudly announced that GameStart would signal the starting point in Sony’s 20th anniversary celebrations of the PlayStation console. In addition to an eye-grabbing display at the event, Sony also revealed that there would be an interactive booth for The Evil Within for patrons of the convention to take their own custom pictures to add their likenesses to custom version covers of The Evil Within.


In addition, Jun-ichi Yoshizawa, breathlessly roared that Freedom Wars, a PlayStation Vita exclusive would make a preview appearance for gamers at GameStart before its English and Asia-exclusive “Collector’s Edition” version releases on 28th October. Jun-ichi proudly spoke about the Recapture Multi-play feature and how players could defend cities of their own geo-positions. Collective one and all cried out “Together Collaborate”. Peculiar yet catchy? Maybe fun.

With almost equal aplomb, Yosuke Futami pushed to match Jun-ichi’s enthusiasm with a pending announcement to be revealed on the opening day of GameStart. Yosuke, in charge of several game projects from the Sword Art Online and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series, made a mention of the widening of game dynamics and battle planes that will only be fully revealed at GameStart itself.

Continuing with the theme of firsts, Chua Chong Yunn of Singapore University Technology and Design lab announced that One Upon Light, the international multiple prize-winning indie that would make an appearance at GameStart to wow gamers with the photo-centric puzzles intricately woven into the fabric of this Singaporean title.

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Using light and shadow as the dynamic manipulated to keep a light fearing protagonist moving along in a black and white adventure that is bound to get some very impressed nods, One Upon Light had more than a few at the event whispering to people around them; it certainly looks like the small indie title will be quite a talking point in the days to come.

Guest cosplayer Yuegene Fay

Finally, sure to set more than a couple of geek hearts aflutter, a brief chat with the cosplayers Yasemin Arslan of Australia and Yuegene Fay of Thailand promised to bring the fun and energy associated with cosplay to the two days of fun filled merriment which will be GameStart. With their amazing costumes and enchanting looks, Yasemin and Yuegene are sure to get the heads turning and shutters shuttling.

All in all a very small appetizer, only teasing a portion of what GameStart itself will deliver to rock the socks of the Southeast Asian gamer, the press event ended with a lot of friendly chats and excitable energy leading up to what promises to be a very epic weekend of gaming delights. What was also exciting was all the stuff that was still under wraps and yet to be made known. Whatever the case, GameStart is definitely the place to be this weekend.

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