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Xbox Live Will Be Available On Android And iOS Soon

Microsoft will be bringing its online console gaming service Xbox Live to Android and iOS devices in the near future. Features such as gamerscore points, achievements and more will be made available to mobile devices across both platforms.

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This is made possible via the likes of developer tools such as Azure and Game Stack, the latter of which will be combining a host of Microsoft services – Xbox Live included – into one digital melting pot with which serves as the platform that will not only provide all the tools game developers need to make new games, but also bring Xbox Live to players across platforms.

Cross-platform play is definitely not new in Microsoft’s books, as reiterated by Xbox boss Phil Spencer, but what Microsoft intends to achieve here is to unite the “2 billion gamers” across the planet, according to their official announcement, and Xbox Live via Game Stack is one of the first big steps they are taking in that direction.

To add fuel to this positive gaming fire, Microsoft also intends to bring Xbox Game Pass to the devices that support Xbox Live in a show of force to reel in more players to peruse their services. Talk about aggressive.

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While it is not certain that Xbox Live will come to the Nintendo Switch, rumours circling across the web state that that announcement may come as early as next week’s Game Developers’ Conference, or even at E3 2019.

Combined with their new streaming service Project xCloud, Microsoft really means it when they say players can play their games “where they want, when they want, on any device they want.”

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