Xbox Flexes Backwards Compatibility By Running The Same Game Across All 4 Generations

The console wars between Sony and Microsoft have pretty much been persistent across the past two decades. The debacle between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S is no different, with the former seemingly edging out in terms of pure horsepower on the main unit itself and functionality thanks to the DualSense controller.

However, Microsoft’s latest console offering does have one advantage over its current-gen counterpart: backwards compatibility. While the PS5 does support it, it can only do so with PS4 digital games and discs.

The Xbox Series X|S, on the other hand, can support over 1,000 games across 4 generations of the console at launch, and can even play games on multiplayer or split-screen simultaneously with the older consoles.

Gaming YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer demonstrates this impressive feat (below), with the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S all running the classic 2003 game Crimson Skies on local multiplayer.

This is certainly an impressive feat, and something that will leave PS5 gamers looking nervously over their shoulders as they continue to pine for the likes of the original Metal Gear Solid, Twisted Metal: Black, and Dynasty Warriors 4 to be able to be played in a similar fashion.