Four Xbox-Exclusive Games Will Arrive On The PS5 And Nintendo Switch

Xbox-exclusive games might be a thing of the past, as Microsoft tests the waters. Four Xbox-exclusive games will be coming to the PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

xbox exclusive games ps5

Xbox confirmed that the games making the leap are Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded. Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment are currently available on all platforms, with Sea of Thieves arriving on 16 April and Grounded on 30 April.

Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will not be arriving on the PS5 as of now, but CEO Phil Spencer had this to say: “I don’t think we should as an industry ever rule out a game going to any other platform, we’re focused on these four games and learning from the experience.”

xbox exclusive games ps5

More Xbox-exclusive games could make their way to the PS5 or Nintendo Switch soon enough, depending on the reception of the current lineup for these platforms.

“There’s some exciting stuff coming out in hardware that we’re going to share this holiday, and we’re also invested in the next-generation road map,” said president Sarah Bond on the Xbox podcast. “What we’re really focused on there is delivering the largest technical leap that you will have ever seen in a hardware generation.”