Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

‘Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’ Action Game Casts Troy Baker As Indy, On Xbox, PC, And Game Pass

The latest Indiana Jones adventure will come to Xbox Series X|S, PC and Game Pass, as Xbox Developer Direct unveiled a first-look trailer at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, which will be set in-between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade.

With the usual swashbuckling action the series is known for, exploring archaeological sites with deadly traps, and Indy fighting Nazis, as always, players will get to take down foes with his trusty whip.

Harrison Ford will not be voicing Indy in the game, despite his likeness being used for the Indy model, but Troy Baker does a convincing impression. Baker is known for his voice-acting work in a range of games, including playing Joel Miller in The Last of Us and Samuel “Sam” Drake in Uncharted 4. Bethesda and MachineGames have been working on the game since 2021, so it’s exciting to see new developments unfolding.

This time, Indy goes on an adventure with Gina, an investigative reporter who has a personal motive for joining the quest. His mission to uncover the mysteries of the Great Circle, which draws a line through the Vatican, Egypt, and the Himalayas to form a metaphorical circle. The duo will face off against antagonist Emmerich Voss, who seems to get the upper hand over Indy in the opening scene of the trailer, but in true Indiana Jones fashion, he always manages to save the day.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle comes to Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Game Pass later this year.