Winter Has Arrived And You Can Arm Yourself Game of Thrones Style!

One would think that after six seasons HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones would get long in the tooth (Honestly, that’s an impossible notion to even fathom). However, the scale in which the show is being promoted has to be topped season after season. Because marketing.

While in the past we were treated to an actual VR experience of The Wall, this season’s run up was slightly different in terms of fanfare yet was still awesome enough for an art exhibition and an activation in the heart of the city. That was until release day itself.

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Recreating what can be best described as King’s Landing without the stench of piss, StarHub and HBO Asia gave fans an evening of fun and games before ushering everyone into the cinema hall for the season opener.

Given the effort taken to jazz up the place would have been a crazy task for lesser men, the folks at Neo Tokyo Project and Repla were more than up to the challenge to outfit the place and make it all medieval like. Decked out with a weapons shop and a provisions store, it felt very much like walking into a video game. It wouldn’t be far off the describe the experience similar to that of an RPG. Outfitting yourself with a brand new sword and some potions for the long, dangerous road ahead, this seems exactly like it!

Complete with even a shopkeeper to readily assist anyone foolish enough to purchase arms for their journey into Westeros, there was no shortage of willing bodies streaming into the premises. With enemies in every corner of the realm, there’s always someone to chop down with your newly forged sword.

But that was not all, a Game of Thrones event would not be complete if not for a healthy dose of cosplay to round up the night.

Featuring a good mix of your favourites from the show, the real winner of the evening goes to the Night King. Check out his ugly mug –


Full faced mask, complete with horns, we’re probably gonna see this dude for many more geek gatherings in the year ahead. This get up is too awesome to be kept at home!

Probably not the best way to wield a sword. That dude’s look is totally on point though.

New episodes for Game of Thrones premiere every Monday at 9am, with a same day primetime encore at 9pm. The series will also be streaming on HBO on StarHub Go and HBO On Demand (StarHub TV Ch 602). But you guys already knew that.

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