What If… Wolverine, Cyclops & Psylocke Were Transformers? Meet The New Autobot X-Men

Hot off the heels of some of the most wide-reaching toy crossovers since Star Wars X Transformers, including recent unveilings that include Ghostbusters, My Little Pony, Back to the Future and Top Gun, Hasbro is letting X mark the spot with its latest toy mutation, but in a good way, with the X-Men and Transformers crossover.

House of X-Transformers anyone? No? What about Age of TransformersX?

If you’ve long wondered how the villains have the Sentinels but Professor X and his merry band of mutants only have their inborn traits, well wonder no more as Hasbro has introduced the latest member of the team – Ultimate X-Spanse.

Inspired by Blackbird or the X-Jet from the X-Men animated series from the 1990s, the Transformer turns the X-Men’s iconic Lockheed Martin jet into a blue Transformers that’s really much more than meets the eye.

In jet mode, the blue plane (yes, it’s called Blackbird but painted blue in the cartoon) is a licensed Lockheed Martin jet but in robot mode, Ultimate X-Spanse poses a rather familiar looking posture, with a uniform that looks a lot like Jim Lee’s Cyclops, including his visor, but with a psionic blade accessory on his right hand ala Psylocke, and a three-bladed energy blast on the left hand that can only be Wolverine in action.

This Xtraordinary mash-up comes packaged in a 90s style packaging, reminiscent of the toys from the X-Men animated series, as well as Wolverine and Sabretooth mini figures.

If the mould looks familiar, that’s because this is based on SS Jetfire, from the live-action Transformers movie. Now that film could have used some mutants to up the action.

Any worthy student from Charles Xavier’s School of Gifted Youngsters would be able to make the transformation in 34 easy steps, but if they need help, they can always approach their brotherhood of evil mutants for help.

Unfortunately, Ultimate X-Spanse is a Target exclusive in the US (US$64.99), which means you need someone to pick it up for you. Alternatively, it is also available on Lazada Singapore for S$119.90.

The Ultimate X-Spanse starts shipping from 1 March 2021.