What Happens After Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? 8-Minute Short Reveals Monsters Unleashed

The end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom left that world in a very interesting status quo – the Neo-Jurassic age, where humans and dinosaurs have to coexist. It also sets up things nicely for sequels to the franchise.

But in the meantime, a new spinoff short film following the events of Fallen Kingdom, Battle at Big Rock, has been released on YouTube. The short, directed by (who else) Colin Trevorrow, follows the events of a family of five as they survive a night with dinosaurs at the Big Rock National Park.

Playing as the family in Battle at Big Rock is André Holland (A Wrinke in Time), Natalie Martinez (Death Race), Pierson Salvador (Gotham), and Melody Hurd.

To have spinoff shorts like this is new in the Jurassic World franchise, but it does paint a nice picture as to what Jurassic World 3 might have in store for us, when it releases on June 11, 2021.