Westworld Season 3 Is Almost Here, So Here Are MORE Singapore Locations We’ve Found

[UPDATE] Season 3 of HBO’s Westworld is finally out after a long wait. One of the highlights of the new season is not just the appearance of Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad as a new character, but also the fact that a lot of it has been shot in sunny Singapore! Take a look at the many locations from the Little Red Dot that was used in Westworld Season 3! [END UPDATE]

The third season of HBO’s Westworld is nearly upon us, and based on what we’ve been seeing in recent trailers, there’s definitely a ton of hype going into this one.

For fans in Singapore, there will also be the tiny, tiny fact that parts of Season 3 have been shot in the Little Red Dot. Not every day do you get to brag about how a Hollywood production filmed right in your backyard, least of all in a country far, far away from Sunset Boulevard.

In the above featurette of cast members, Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy) and Aaron Paul (Caleb Nichols), several behind-the-scenes footage of productions happening in various locales in Singapore were spotted. For your convenience, we’ve managed to identify some of them:

National Gallery Singapore (again)

Okay, technically, the National Gallery appeared in the previous time we explored Singapore in Westworld Season 3, but let’s be honest here — the National Gallery is always gorgeous. It’s even more so with the drone cameras flying around, and of course, the dynamic duo of Dolores and Caleb sauntering through its massive plexiglass halls.

Tras Link/Street, Tanjong Pagar


This location may be familiar to many, as Tras Link and Tras Street are where the likes of the Tanjong Pagar Plaza market and several hotels are located. Speaking of hotels, it’s also where the Oasia Hotel Downtown is located, which also features quite prominently in Season 3.

Helix Bridge

Arguably the most noticeable of the new locations here is the Helix Bridge, near the Marina Bay Sands. The BTS shot of Paul/Caleb walking through it is unmistakable, as are the closeups of him shown not long after. We’re not sure whether MBS will be shown in full, but we’ve got eight 40-minute episodes to hopefully see that come to fruition.

We believe this won’t be all we’re seeing in Singapore, though we’re not entirely sure which other locations have been used. Hopefully, there’ll be one near your backyard, so you can bra all about it to your friends when you next meet them. And while we’re all squinting our eyes to spot the Singapore landmarks, maybe some even keener eyes will be able to pick out the cameos of the Game of Thrones showrunners while we’re at it.

Westworld Season 3 premieres on 15 March 2020 (16 March 2020 for Asia) on HBO.

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