Can You Name All The Singapore Locations In The Westworld Season 3 Trailer?

[UPDATE] Season 3 of HBO’s Westworld is finally out after a long wait. One of the highlights of the new season is not just the appearance of Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad as a new character, but also the fact that a lot of it has been shot in sunny Singapore! Take a look at the many locations from the Little Red Dot that were used in Westworld Season 3! [END UPDATE]

Remember when it was confirmed that Singapore is in the spotlight for the upcoming third season of Westworld? Yeah, well, a new trailer just dropped, and it shows even more of the main characters running (and speeding) within the Little Red Dot, much to the delight of local fans.

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Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Singapore was featured heavily in a Hollywood or Western production, having been part of Hitman: Agent 47 back in 2015. In any case, here’s a breakdown of the various locations that were present in Westworld Season 3, in the order that they were shown:

Oasia Hotel Downtown

One of the drone shots depicted a skyline featuring a very curious-looking glass-roofed building (circled) beside a moss-covered one. Singaporeans would notice that the former very closely resembles the Oasia Hotel Downtown (which is actually decorated with greenery as well). Here’s the actual building for comparison:

Of course, the rest of the buildings nearby are most likely CGI, but the Oasia Hotel definitely blends in with the aesthetic. None too shabby.

Marina One Residences

This next one is a little more on the nose, as the top-down shot suggests. The Marina One is renowned for its meandering walkways intertwining with one another in the middle of the cluster of buildings.

A different shot shows the Marina One from the bottom-up, and offers an interesting view of the residential building blowing up in flames, which suggests something bad(ass) is going to happen there during the season. Nice.

National Gallery

Though we didn’t get a glimpse of this building from the exterior, we did get a good look of it from the inside as Aaron Paul’s Caleb walks alongside Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores. The criss-crossing beams and stylised window panes are unmistakably that of the National Gallery.

We’re not sure if we’re getting more scenes here, but we’re hoping that’s the case.

Central Business District

The final location was shown very briefly, but we believe that to be part of the roads of the Central Business District. Where exactly, we’re not sure, but from the looks of it, it might be part of the Shenton Way area (pictured below).


Okay, this isn’t exactly related to Singapore in any way, but this shot of Dolores with one arm very closely resembles the poster art used to promote Season 3. Again, we’re not sure if this is actually Dolores or just a visual representation of the major themes of Season 3.

Although we’ve broken down all the locations in Singapore for the trailer, there’s still a ton of stuff to unpack here. But we’ll just let the trailer speak for itself at this point, despite the many (many) questions that are buzzing in our collective heads. Luckily, we’ve not long now until the premiere of Season 3.

Westworld Season 3 premieres on 15 March 2020.