Warcraft Director Reveals Plot Of Scrapped Movie Trilogy

There are many what-ifs to think about when it comes to entertainment. For fans of the Warcraft RTS franchise from Blizzard, the Duncan Jones-led movie certainly divided the fan base with its treatment of the lore of the war between Orcs and Humans. Despite its success in overseas territories such as China, the fantasy epic never got a chance at a sequel. However, now we know what might have been as the director shares more about his vision.


In a series of tweets, Duncan Jones laid out the plan for the cinematic series, and it was meant to be a trilogy. Ah, what could have been. As Warcraft ended with portal to Draenor shut down, we also witnessed the death of Durotan at the hands of Gul’dan. The humans have lost King Llane, with Anduin Lothar taking on the leadership of the Alliance. Of course, fans of the game will have seen young baby Go’el AKA Thrall being found as well.

Following the arc of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, the next two films would have seen Thrall rise up in power, and become the leader of his people. These would have led to the establishing of the first “Azerothian city of Orgrimmar.”

Warcraft director, Duncan Jones

Ultimately, he would have fulfilled the promise of his father to give the Orcs a new home. The Burning Legion, however, is nowhere to be seen, neither do we see Tyrande Whisperwind of the Night Elves or Arthas Menethil, the crown prince of Lordaeron.

Jones did mention that finishing this trilogy would have been the first Warcraft story, and the baton would be passed on to other directors to tell other stories in the world.

“Yeah… it would have been something special,” Jones lamented. In some ways, we do concur.

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