WandaVision Series Finale Has Two Mindblowing Post-Credit Scenes

The series finale of WandaVision was a wild ride, but don’t miss out on the mid-credits and post-credits scenes if you want to be mind blown.

If you need spoiler warnings, this is it! We take no responsibility of what you’re going to read next. Ready?

The last episode of WandaVision saw Wanda and Agatha Harkness have a full-blown showdown. The two powerful witches were seen flying across the air, throwing balls of attacks at one another and constantly playing mind tricks with each other. Agatha finally tells Wanda that she’s the Scarlet Witch and what that means for the grieving hero.


It was in overall, a taxing experience for Wanda who not only has to fight one of the most powerful witches known and face the music for what she’s done to the people of Westview. Wanda also had to deal with Hayward and his team who stormed in and are now pointing guns at her and her family.

Fans finally get to see Wanda’s kids Tommy and Billy use their powers in this episode and witness Monica Rambeau stepping up to the plate and develop her powers.

The epic ending Paul Bettany was hinting at turns out to be the two Visions against each other before they settled things amicably like well… the Vision we know and love. Wanda finally puts a stop to her Westview fantasy and fully becomes the Scarlet Witch. Agatha becomes trapped in her Agnes persona – a personal prison created by Wanda and the world seemingly gets back to normal.

Except, the mid and post-credits scenes point that nothing about this is normal. In the mid-credits scene, Monica gets a visit from someone who claimed was sent to her by a friend of her mother’s from outer space – a Skrull if we must put it quite simply – and says that someone “up there” would like to see her. That someone? Nick Fury of course.

Actress Teyonah Parris has hinted that WandaVision will set up for Monica to take over the Captain Marvel mantle and her eventual appearance in the sequel so this mid-credits scene sure is a big tease.

Though nothing can really prepare you for the post-credits scene. Wanda has apparently moved out to a cabin in the mountains (not just any mountains, mountains that look like Wundagore Mountain) and was making herself a nice cup of tea before the camera moves past the heroine and sees herself as the Scarlet Witch levitating and reading the Darkhold book. The same book Agatha mentioned earlier in the episode that has written an entire chapter about the Scarlet Witch and how she’s the harbinger of chaos.


It may seem confusing at first – two Wandas? – but our guess is the Scarlet Witch we see at the end of the episode is existing in the astral plane. Given how WandaVision is meant to lead up to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness too, we can see how Strange’s experiences with multiverses can fit in with the reality-bending shenanigans in WandaVision.

The series finale finally ends with Scarlet Witch hearing Tommy and Billy calling after her for help. Are they alive? Where are they? Guess we’ll have to wait for the next Marvel movies to find out.

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