The Walking Dead Season 5 Bursts Back on Screen in a Big Way

Escape Rooms are hardly my cup of tea, but combine them with The Walking Dead and you have yourself a match made in heaven.

In conjunction with the release of season 5 of the walking dead, FOX put together an escape room experience like no other. Taking place at an old railway station in Singapore, this is perhaps the only opportunity that regular folks could live out tense moments at the Terminus.

Never met someone so happy leading us to our ‘demise’

It was a balmy morning but it became increasing warm and humid as we approached game time.

Talk about build up.

The premise was simple. Like any other escape rooms, the central mechanic has teams (up to five for my session) solving puzzles to open various combination locks.

Sounds straight forward? But it wouldn’t be a complete experience without Walkers in the mix.

Seriously. We really need to learn how to read signs.

Props to the Walker actors who were really got into their roles. Imagine having to dodge Walkers, who limber and lunge towards you, as your team traverses around and across the railway station for clues.

At one point a horde of Walkers had trapped the survivors within the station. Separated only by a thin mesh gate, things were looking grim.

The-Walking-Dead-Terminus-Escape-Season-5-walker The-Walking-Dead-Terminus-Escape-Season-5-zombie

Can’t expect me to run from walkers and take pictures at the same time right?

Thanks to the universal law of being a zombie, the Walkers were distracted by loud sounds created by a fellow survivor (but on the opposing team) on the other side of the gate.

Did he survive? I certainly hope he didn’t because at the end of the event, the more survivors your team has, the more points scored on top of other requirements.


The entire activity took no longer than one hour and it restored my faith in Escape Room themed games.

Having brought in Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln back in January this year, this entire activity just illustrates that you do not need big names to hype up the new release but, simply, a well thought out execution that fans can easily connect with.

Can’t wait to see what else FOX has up there sleeves in the future, awesomesauce!

The Walking Dead returns to screens with an ultimate marathon from Saturday, 11 October at 11pm leading right up to the Season 5 premiere on Monday, 13 October at 9pm.

The Walking Dead
Season 1-4 marathon: Saturday, 11 October, 11pm
Season 5 premiere: Monday, 13 October, 9pm
FOX SingTel mio TV CH. 330, StarHub TV Ch. 505