Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, who play Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon respectively in The Walking Dead, graced Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and infected the screaming fans with their charm and magnetism.

One smile from Norman Reedus and a wave from Andrew Lincoln set out waves of electricity as the fans screamed on their arrival. Although the gameplan was for the stars to go about a zombie obstacle race, they felt more at ease shaking hands and taking selfies with their adoring fans.

If you had missed the event, let’s hope that their next appearance in Singapore would be similarly intimate. Following the obstacle event, Andrew and Norman had a Q&A session with the fans who packed into the auditorium and gleamed insights into on their experiences on the set of The Walking Dead.

Overall it was a great experience and opportunity for FOX Movies Premium to organize this occasion for the fans and let’s hope to see more of this in the future!

Most importantly would be the season continues pretty soon, and while it’s not broadcast live, fans will be able to get the next best thing with a broadcast once the show in the US airs. Mark the date down below on your calendar –

The Walking Dead Season 4
Returns on Monday, 10 February at 11.30am (right after its US broadcast) and 8.10pm (same-day encore)
FOX Movies Premium
StarHub TV Ch. 622

Top photo credit to FOX Movies Premium

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