Valve (Finally) Announces New Half-Life VR Game Called Alyx

This is not a hoax. Repeat: this is not a hoax. Valve will be rolling out a new game in the critically-acclaimed Half-Life series; a VR game called Half-Life: Alyx!

First announced on Valve’s certified Twitter account, Alyx will be the first official “flagship” Half-Life game in 12 years, since the Half-Life 2: Episode Two expansion back in 2007.

This announcement comes a few years after Valve’s previous declaration to develop VR games with HTC, though nothing concrete from that collab has since gotten out officially.

And judging by the name of the game, it appears that the central focus on the new game will be most likely on Alyx Vance, who played second fiddle to Half-Life 2‘s main protagonist, Gordon Freeman.

Alyx Vance

Just to catch you up in case you forgot, Alyx was last seen at the final moments of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, alongside Gordon, as they both witness the death of her father Eli at the hands of the Advisors. It was an emotional cliffhanger ending, and no doubt one of the most impactful moments in gaming history, which was why fans were so adamant for a sequel to be released.

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Finally, Valve has responded to fans’ calls, and hopefully this new installment will be worth the 12 years of waiting. How exactly Alyx and Gordon will make their return in Alyx remains to be seen.

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Valve will announce more details on Half-Life: Alyx on Thursday 10am PST / Friday 1am SGT.

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