Valorant’s New Character Neon Brings Plenty Of Speed To The Game

Valorant, the popular shooter-MOBA hybrid by Riot Games, is known for its methodical pace and highly strategic team-based gameplay. A recent trailer revealing Neon, the new playable agent, shows off her fast-paced move set which sets her apart from the rest of the cast.


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Neon’s signature ability allows her to sprint, which is something the other agents don’t have access to. She is also able to slide, further increasing her maneuverability in the game. Judging by the movement tech alone, she will be a character that has a high skill ceiling, though her actual strength in-game will be a mystery until veteran players can try her out.

For anyone who has played Apex Legends and Titanfall, this might cue some puzzled looks. Sprint, slide-cancel? Been there, done that.

Role-wise, she’s a Duelist, which means she’s expected to start fights and be in the thick of the action, dancing on the razor’s edge.

It is heartening to see Riot Games being willing to introduce a character that plays in a distinctly different fashion, but only time will tell if Neon is a boon or a bane to Valorant‘s meta.