US$360 Will Get You This Massive Wailord Pokémon Plush To Snuggle With

What’s big, huggable, and warm? This new massive Wailord plush from The Pokémon Company, which weighs in at a whopping 6.5kg and measures 60 x 145 x 55cm — one-tenth of its size in the games, as stated in the Pokédex.

But the cost of snug comfort doesn’t come cheap. The Wailord stuff toy is priced at 49,500 yen (US$360 / S$500) on the Pokémon Center online store in Japan, and will be shipped in batches starting early August 2023. It officially becomes available for purchase on 13 March 2023, but those who want to call first dibs on adopting Wailord can place their pre-orders now.

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The chonky boy joins other wacky and adorable picks from the franchise, including a “Absolutely Wanna Be Licked By Gengar” plush (say what?), a Ditto sofa, a Snorlax sofa, and a Metapod costume. All four have something in common for sure — they make for one hell of a conversation starter.

Here are more glimpses of the Float Whale Pokémon lounging around like the lovable blob it is: