This Metapod Pokemon Costume Is What We Totally Needed For 2020

The hottest new Pokémon item on the market is another wearable, but it definitely isn’t something you’ll be expecting to see on the shelves of UNIQLO. Known as “絶対に出たくない トランセル” or roughly “I don’t want to leave the Metapod“, this pupa-like costume is sure to give you all the warmth and comfort you need for the months ahead.

The sleeping bag-like costume is inspired by the chrysalis Pokémon, Metapod, that lives in the Kanto region. The bug-type is the evolved form of Caterpie and first appeared in the Nintendo Pokemon Red and Green game versions. 

As the costume is made for some serious snuggling, it’ll be a real bugger if the costume was as hard as the exodermis which covers the cocoon. Luckily, the costumes are made of soft material, completed with soft cushioning inside and faithful recreation of the eyes.

Measuring 1.5m in width and about 0.97m in height, with the distance from the head to toes being about 1.7m, the cocoon should be a comfortable fit for most people. You can climb into it when watching Pokémon reruns or even dive into it if you need a break from your hectic work life or simply sit in it and contemplate into the air about…life.

The price of the Metapod costume is 35,000 yen (S$447.13), a true premium in exchange for the comfort of a themed sleeping-bag. It is scheduled to be shipped in April 2021. You can start pre-ordering it from 9 November 2020 on the Premium Bandai website.