Ditto Transforms Into An Adorable Pokémon Sofa Which You Can Buy

While we already have countless Pikachu pieces for our homes and even a Metapod costume-cum-comfort cocoon, we have yet to encounter many Ditto merchandise till now. The adorable purple blob has just been turned into an actual sofa, perfect for your Pokémon furniture collection.

With its iconic smiley face completed with beady eyes and blobby features, Ditto is arguably one of the cutest Pokémons around. It isn’t kept around just for its darn cute appearance though! Ditto’s ability to morph into different forms has made it a handy companion to have around too.

Following their ingenious Snor-fa, Japanese company Cellutane has now introduced to us their Ditto design. Known as Metamon in Japan, the cute sofa is named the Metamon Sofa; and is perfect for relaxing in with a cup of tea or catching some shut-eye.

The sofa itself will be in Ditto’s purple shade, with its simplistic features staring out at you from the front of the backrest. The cushion retains the Normal-type Pokemon’s soft squishy features for you to sink into, providing you with maximum comfort. Moreover, its lightweight frame allows for easy cleaning as you can simply lift it up to clean the bottom of it.

For those interested in getting a set, you may purchase the accompanying Pokéball cushion as a footrest to complete the look. The Ditto sofa measures 950mm by 800mm and stands at 640mm tall. The Pokéball cushion 410mm by 400mm and is 310mm tall. It can even be used as a soft stool if needed.

Priced at 25,990 JPY (S$332.97) the sofa can be ordered from Rakuten’s online store. Unfortunately, it seems like the company plans to keep the shipping of the item within Japan itself. Hopefully, there will be updates with the shop opening up shipping options to other countries soon!