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Sit Back And Relax On This Adorable Snorlax Pokémon Sofa

Snorlax is one of the most popular and marketable Pokémon around – not just because of its cuteness, but also due to its relatable nature. After all, sleeping for most part of the day is an extremely enticing prospect, and we would definitely love to live the all-day-sleep life.

Alas, reality reigns, and our dreams can only be dreams. A life centred solely on sleeping is evidently not feasible, but that isn’t stopping Japanese company Cellutane from introducing an adorable Snorlax sofa for relaxation and resting – or even sleeping, should the situation calls for it – purposes.

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With the snor-fa, the team has demonstrated their creative prowess once again, following their previous foray into a charming, cute bread-shaped couch design. Snorlax’s signature belly has been retained in the form of a slight arch, which is tailored to be solid and comfortable. Meanwhile, its lightweight frame allows for easy and convenient cleaning, so chores are less of a hassle.

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For an added touch of comfort, there’s an accompanying Pokéball cushion that can be used separately as a standalone seat, or paired up with the couch as a leg rest. The measurements for both may be viewed below:

The endearing set is retailing at 34,599 yen on Cellutane’s official website, and it’s certainly apt that the sleeping Pokémon has been chosen as the sofa model. Snorlax’s probably been everyone’s spirit animal Pokémon since its introduction into the Pokédex, and its charm is evidently, a super effective move.

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