UNO Just Became More Accessible With A New Braille Edition

UNO has been part and parcel of our culture ever since its inception in 1992. Some way or other, the uber-popular card game from Mattel always finds its way into our increasingly busy lives.

This time, though, the widespread influence of UNO just got much, much bigger, with the announcement of the new UNO Braille Edition.

Playing a visual game such as UNO is no doubt a barrier to entry for people who are blind or are afflicted with low-vision. However, Mattel has worked with the National Federation of the Blind in the US to produce cards that not only sport the coloured faces and numbers, but also Braille versions of the numbers and instructions on them.

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Furthermore, the instructions to UNO Braille come in .BRF (braille readable files) for you to download, or you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to read out these instructions verbally.

UNO Braille is currently only available at Target outlets across the US, and retails for US$9.99. No news as to an international launch has been announced as of yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it launch globally as well.

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