Uniqlo Declares Winners For Annual Pokemon T-Shirt Design Competition

Uniqlo has finally announced the winners for their Uniqlo T-Shirt Grand Prix (UTGP) 2019 design competition. Designers had from October 2018 to December 2018 to submit their designs, which were centred around the chosen theme of Pokémon.

With such a theme, it’s a given that many adorable designs got submitted. Such as the winning design, by Li Wen Pei from China, whose design titled Ocean King features three Magikarp swimming below a giant Gyarados, which any Pokémon fan will know is the evolved form of a Magikarp.

In second place is a design featuring the hieroglyphic-like Unowns arranged in the form of a vision test. While the third place has a Pikachu chilling underneath an Alolan Exeggutor with a tropical drink and a pair of sunglass. It has been jokingly titled Pikachill by its designer Emily.

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The three winners will be winning cash prizes of US$10,000, US$2,000, and US$1,000 respectively, plus an invitation to the awards ceremony in Japan, and the 2019 Pokémon World Championships.

Of course, the three winning designs will not be the only ones hitting shelves in Uniqlo stores. Here are the other designs that have been chosen to be produced as well –

The shirts are currently available on Uniqlo’s website online and will be available in all Singapore Uniqlo stores from June 24, 2019.

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