Unboxing The Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case

In a blink of an eye, Ubisoft’s successful tactical team shooter Rainbow Six Siege has now entered Year 6. With an ever-increasing roster of Operators to choose from, new and improved maps to battle it out, and refining the meta, communities around the world are likely to keep enjoying the game. However, to commemorate the milestone, Ubisoft is pushing out a brand new Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case, and it is packed with goodies galore.

Limited to just 7,000 cases globally, fans of the shooter will definitely want to consider adding this to their collection this coming Fall 2021.

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The headlining item has to be the amazing Ubicollectibles replica of Sledge’s iconic hammer. Measuring at 50cm, it is a 1:2 scale replica of the powerful tool, and the added detail of the fabric Tartan piece on the handle just tops it off. A stand will be included to display it in all its glory.

In addition, there is the Sparkle Tachanka Chibi from the recent Rainbow is Magic event, along with a gold keychain inspired by Operator IQ. For those that enjoy art, a set of 3 lithographs designed by talented artists from the Rainbow Six Siege community and a unique embroidered cloth patch will show off your love for the game.

This will all be housed in the clean and striking Rainbow Six Siege Year Six Collector’s Case.

As for the game itself, there are tons of digital goodies up for grabs too:

  • The Tachanka Sparkle Bundle including the famous That Pink Camo uniform, The Unicorn headgear, TA-CHAN-KA charm and the Glitter Rainbow weapon skin for 9x19VSN and DP27
  • Early Access to Zero Platinized Bundle including the Windbreaker uniform, Chrome-plated headgear and Tempered Alloy weapon skin for MP7, 5.7 USG and SC3000K
  • Early Access to the outstanding Iana Byte Set including the Terminal Framework uniform, Terminal Program headgear, Aegis Gemini charm and Datum processor weapon skin for the ARX200
  • A set of 3 iconic weapon skins including the Cramoisi weapon skin for MP5, the Ombre weapon skin for SG-CQB and the Extravagance weapon skin for D-50
  • The Ubicollectibles replica of Sledge’s iconic hammer comes with a unique code that unlocks a weapon skin for Sledge weapon L85A2
  • The Sparkle Tachanka Chibi also includes a unique code to unlock a Tachanka chibi charm

Ready to get your own? Head on over to Shopee and for S$179.90, you can be a proud owner of the Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case and the amazing contents. The Rainbow Six Siege – Six Collection: Hibana figurine is set for release on 14 October, and is available for pre-order on Shopee for S$84.90.

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