Twitch Ad Suggests PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Date To Be 11 June

Following the delay of the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 reveal event a few days back, it seems Sony will be dropping their new-gen console very soon – if a new Twitch ad is any indication.

The news comes from Twitter user Nibel, who’s known for covering news on the gaming industry. First spotted in the German, the announcement was quickly followed up by an English, which details the event to be held on 11 June 2020, 9pm BST.

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For those in Singapore, that translates to 4am on 12 June. Considering how the information is presented on a Twitch ad, the date should prove accurate, although it’d be better to not keep your hopes up until Sony drops an official announcement. Given that we are about two days away, however, the company is likely to issue confirmation sooner than later.

The PlayStation 5 event was postponed in favour of giving more media spotlight to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. EA Play, IGN’s Summer of Gaming, and PC Game Show are some of the names in the Summer 2020 slate that followed suit in the subsequent days. With a physical iteration of E3 2020 out of the picture this year, a lot of events have been springing up in digital form to fill the void, all of which have been compiled for easy reference.

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