Top 10 Geeky Gifts To Get Your Family This Christmas

As we all eagerly await the end of 2020, it is important to remember that Christmas is right on the horizon and what better way is there to spread some festive cheer than with a well-thought-out and interesting gift to your family and friends. 

Regardless of whether they are into Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe of just quirky gifts, our hand-picked list of gifts will be sure to delight, satisfy, and make your loved ones’ holiday just that much brighter. 

Without further ado, here are our top 10 geeky gifts you can get for your family members this Christmas.

Captain America Cutting Board

There is probably not much else that is cooler than chopping up your ingredients on a Captain America cutting board. Sure it might not be made of Vibranium and isn’t virtually indestructible, but it’ll still be cool to show off to your friends this absolutely cool cutting board. Just don’t try to shield yourself from anything dangerous using this.

Death Star Ice Mold

We’re sure Luke Skywalker and gang would have had an easier time destroying the Death Star if it was made out of ice, like the ones made from the Death Star Ice Mold. With this, your loved ones will be able to beautify (and hopefully not destroy) their drinks with lovely spherical ice Death Stars. Perfect for fans of Star Wars.

Thor Hammer Tool Set

Impress hardware enthusiasts in your family with the Thor Hammer Tool Set that looks set to inject some Asgardian fun into your home whilst not compromising on functionality. This Tool Set comes with a Bottle opener, Electrician’s tape, Sealant tape, Screwdriver, Screwdriver bit, Utility knife, tape measure, wrench, pliers, Allen key, Voltage tester, and Telephone screwdriver. Which is all kept in a unique silver case shaped in the form of Thor’s hammer.

Marvel Sweater

There is perhaps no AI more well-known in recent pop-culture than Tony Stark’s sophisticated AI assistant JARVIS. Now your loved ones can parade around their love for JARVIS, and other beloved MCU characters, with a series of MCU sweaters. It’s also perfect for cold sweater weather from December to February.

Game Over Mug

Battle fatigue during late-night battle sessions with some coffee or caffeine-filled beverage of choice in the Game Over Mug. Not only does it have the words ‘Game Over’ printed on the bottom of the mug, its handles are even shaped as gaming consoles that console gamers will definitely appreciate

Darth Vader Waffle Maker

Make waffles fit for the dark side with Darth Vader Waffle maker. You’ll be able to create two different kinds of Vader waffles, a smaller 5-inch one in the shape of the Darth Vader’s head, or a bigger 7-inch circular waffle with the design of Vader in the centre. You can even choose from five different temperature settings that let you cook your waffles in different ways, from tender and golden to brown and crispy.

Star Wars Utensil Set

Another great gift for Star Wars fans, this Star Wars Utensil Set will be a great gift for those who love to cook and bake, with the burned Star Wars design helping to add a unique and slightly vintage touch to the kitchen. These utensils are also made of high-quality bamboo so you won’t need to worry about them breaking should you use a little too much force.

Shark Attack Sushi Serving Plate

Does your loved one love sushi? Do they love the movie Jaws too? Then this Shark Attack Sushi Serving Plate will be the perfect gift for them. Not only does it look great, with a ferocious shark rearing up to attack, but is also very functional. You can not only have sushi on the plate, but the shark’s open mouth can even be used to hold soy sauce, and the shark’s tail can serve as a place to rest your chopsticks.

3D Latte Art Maker

Aspiring baristas or those who simply want to enjoy their coffee with a touch of adorable art on top will absolutely love having their very own 3D Latte Art Maker. You can use it to create your very own foam creatures such as little cats or bears using milk, then easily draw on the finishing details using syrup. Morning coffee has never looked this cute.

T-Rex Bottle Opener

A T-Rex might have a big head and little arms but that doesn’t mean he’s useless. This T-Rex Bottle Opener right here will be a hit with Jurassic Park fans or any fans of dinosaurs with its brilliant ability to help pry open bottles with its sharp teeth. Plus when it’s not being used, it will look great posed on a shelf or as a table centrepiece.

There you have it, our top 10 geeky gifts to get your family members this Christmas. Not only are the gifts aesthetically geeky, but it is also very useful to have around the house. Those looking for gifts to get your partner can consider checking out our guide on that too.