Titans Season 3 Meshes Batman Games And Comics With Curran Walters’ Red Hood Outfit

With Season 3 of Titans just around the corner, fans of the series will be thrilled to know that a certain red-masked vigilante will be roaming the streets of Gotham, guns akimbo.

Remember when Curran Walters‘ Jason Todd/Robin fell to his “death” in Season 2? Yup, comic book fans will know all too well that his demise was not final, as he will return as Red Hood in the upcoming season. Here’s the first look at the outfit for his new persona:

For those who have followed the comics closely, the Titans version of the Red Hood outfit seems to be a nice amalgamation of iterations of the character from various DC games and comics. The colour palette is a clear nod to the Red Hood comics from DC Rebirth’s slate, while the hoodie is unmistakably a homage to the Batman: Arkham Knight version of the anti-hero.

As for Walters’ role in the upcoming third season, it appears that he will be in direct opposition to the rest of the Titans, “angry” at how they let him down (almost literally) in the previous season. We imagine he will clash a lot with Nightwing especially, so exciting episodes lie ahead for eager fans.

Titans Season 3 will premiere on 1 November on HBO Max. The first two seasons are currently available for streaming on HBO Max and DC Universe.