DC Repeats History, Allows Fans To Decide Robin’s Fate On Titans

Warning: Major Titans Season 2 spoilers ahead.

Be it comics or live-action TV, the life of Jason Todd a.k.a Robin is a fickle one.

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Once again, his fate rests in the hands of the DC Universe community, thanks to a recent poll that went out on the forums following the cliffhanger episode of Titans, which aired earlier this week.


For context, the episode ended with Jason Todd (Curran Walters) being dropped from the rooftop of a building by Deathstroke (Esai Morales), after a Dick Grayson’s (Brenton Thwaites) and Starfire’s (Anna Diop) failed attempt to stop him.

The poll reads:

“Will he live or will Jason Todd die? Take the poll below to let your voice be heard! This isn’t the first time that Jason’s fate was left to the whims of others; will history repeat itself or will he live to mouth off another day?”

For the uninitiated, this “first time” refers to the iconic 1988 Batman storyline, A Death in the Family. In the story arc’s second issue, Jason Todd, the second Robin, was caught in a potentially fatal situation with the Joker.

This then prompted the writer, Denny O’Neil, to come up with the idea of letting fans decide whether he lives or dies, especially after Jason Todd was deemed as a hugely unpopular character. As such, after 36 hours of polling, Jason Todd perished at the hands of the Joker (and also the fans).


Interestingly, O’Neil, co-writer Jim Starlin and artist Jim Aparo prepared two different scenarios for if Jason died or survived. As it turns out, Titans is already done shooting and editing the next episode, according to Polygon.

The poll was merely for fun, as it seems. Will history repeat itself for poor ol’ Jason Todd?