This PokéFan Makes Some Really Adorable (And Edible) Pokémon Dishes

It is one thing to be a fan of Pokémon, and another to take that love for all things pocket monsters to another level by their own hand. And if you’re as talented as @splatkelly, why not make some edible Pokémon?

The pastry chef and illustrator posted up several photos of her handmade edible Pokémon using a combination of fondant, pastries and other sweet treats.

In particular, her inspiration is drawn from the most recent entry in the franchise, Pokémon Sword and Shield. Sword and Shield saw the debut of more food-themed ‘mons, including the Grass/Dragon-types Flapple and Appletun (above), which resemble a carved-up apple and an apple pie respectively, as well as their Gigantamax form (pictured below), and their first form, Applin.

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There was even a behind-the-scenes of making Flapple, which was described quite meticulously:

The Fairy-type Alcremie was also adapted, especially since the Pokémon is a direct reference to cakes.

Heck, its Gigantamax form resembles a towering birthday cake, which @splatkelly also made into actual cake.

Finally, she even did one for the franchise’s two mascots, Pikachu and Eevee. Though not exactly pastries, their curry rice counterparts certainly look tantalising. @splatkelly even posted a recipe in case you want to try making a set for yourself!

These edible Pokémon are certainly the best way to celebrate Pokémon Day, which falls on 27 February 2020.

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