Hong Kong’s Hidden Gems: 2024 Geek’s Guide To Toy, Tech & Pop Culture

There’s more to Hong Kong than great food and culture as the city renowned for its dazzling skyline and vibrant street life harbours a multitude of hidden gems that beckon the geeks at heart. 

From unique dining experiences that transport you into the worlds of your favourite franchises, to speciality stores packed with collectables waiting to be discovered, the city is much more than meets the eye and a treasure trove of tech and pop culture fun. Whether you’re delving into the meticulous world of toy model making, exploring thematic eateries, or hunting down exclusive action figures and memorabilia, 2024 Hong Kong offers an eclectic array of experiences guaranteed to elevate your visit. 


Hung Hing Toys

Address: 311 Gloucester Rd, Windsor House, Level 3, Causeway Bay

Nestled in the heart of Causeway Bay, Hung Hing Toys offers a delightful haven for collectors and casual shoppers alike. Established in 1994, this Hong Kong mainstay specialises in a vast selection of character toys and car models, particularly those hailing from Japan. 

But Hung Hing Toys doesn’t stop there. They also develop their own unique products, ensuring a diverse and ever-evolving collection.  For fans of classic Japanese animation, Hung Hing Toys boasts a collaboration with Tezuka Productions Company Limited, granting them the right to produce and sell licensed figures from Osamu Tezuka’s iconic works, like the beloved Astro Boy. Whether you’re seeking the latest Japanese imports or a nostalgic trip down memory lane with classic characters, Hung Hing Toys promises a joyful shopping experience filled with treasures waiting to be discovered.


The toy shopping doesn’t end here. Windsor House has a high concentration of toy stores starting from level 2 onwards, with a Tomica/Takara Tomy dedicated store, May Toys which carries Gunpla, Tamashii Nations, QPosket, Funko and more, as well as Bricks House for brick lovers, that not only carries LEGO, but also a bunch of third-party brick products.

Marks Toys is a Western-skewed movie props and collectibles store, with a heavy focus on all things Marvel and DC Comics. Tiny World is a unique store that sells plenty of miniature vehicles and buildings, and it mostly carries its own “Tiny” brand of products. This is definitely worth checking out if you are into collecting miniature vehicles, with a touch of local HK flavour. And finally, there is a Toys “R” Us located on the 7th floor of the mall.

Hong Kong Tram Store

Address: 93 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Tucked away in the Central Market, the Hong Kong Tram Store (formerly the Ding Ding Old Hong Kong Branch) is a treasure trove for tram enthusiasts and nostalgia seekers alike. This shop offers a delightful mix of tram-themed merchandise, from model trams and nostalgic snacks to household items and even old records.

Historical photos, tickets, and toys adorn the walls, whispering tales of old Hong Kong and its iconic tram culture. Whether you’re a local resident reminiscing about childhood days or a tourist searching for unique souvenirs, the Hong Kong Tram Store promises a delightful experience filled with quirky finds and a touch of Hong Kong history.

Central Market, where the Hong Kong Tram Store resides, is a modern marvel reborn from a historical gem. Originally a fresh food market built in the 1930s with a Streamline Moderne architectural design, it has been revitalised to house a vibrant mix of shops, cafés, and restaurants. Explore artisanal and independent stores alongside familiar brands, or grab a bite to eat while soaking up the atmosphere. This unique space seamlessly blends heritage with modern offerings, making it a must-visit for anyone wanting a taste of Hong Kong’s dynamic culture.

Tamiya Plamodel Factory

Address: H110-112 1F, Block B, PMQ, Central, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central

Hobbyists and model enthusiasts can fuel their passion for creation at Tamiya Plamodel Factory, a haven located in PMQ Central. This flagship store by the renowned Japanese model maker Tamiya boasts a treasure trove of static models, R/C cars, and their iconic Mini 4WD racing kits. Tank enthusiasts will find meticulously detailed replicas, while aviation aficionados can explore intricate model aeroplanes.

What sets the Tamiya Plamodel Factory apart is not just its vast selection but its commitment to fostering a community. The store is equipped with a dedicated workspace, complete with all the necessary tools to breathe life into models. This commitment to the craft extends to the adrenaline-fueled Mini 4WD racetrack, inviting builders to put their creations to the test in a thrilling show of speed and skill.

The Tamiya Plamodel Factory shares space with independent shops and studios brimming with local fashion, art, and homeware in PMQ Central, which isn’t your typical mall. This trendy spot pulsates with creativity, having undergone a cool transformation from a historic police married quarters (PMQ) built in the 1950s. Events and exhibitions add to the buzz, making PMQ Central a must-visit for those seeking a unique blend of heritage and modern design.

Victoria Peak

Address: 33 Garden Road, Central

Soak in the breathtaking panoramas of Hong Kong’s skyline from Victoria Peak, but don’t stop there. This iconic location offers a thrilling double dose of entertainment for pop culture enthusiasts.

First, rub shoulders with the rich and famous (well, almost) at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.  Here, lifelike wax figures of celebrities, historical icons, and local stars come alive. Imagine snapping a selfie with your favourite K-pop idol, like a member of BTS or Blackpink, or posing alongside Hollywood royalty like Robert Downey Jr. or Angelina Jolie. Interactive exhibits and themed galleries, like scenes from blockbuster movies, let you become part of the action.

Craving a playful twist? Hong Kong now hosts the world’s first Monopoly-themed attraction at The Peak, offering a unique experience for visitors. Monopoly Dreams takes you inside Mr Monopoly’s world with holograms and 4DX technology that bring the classic game to life. Guests can engage with interactive elements like the Fortune Board and explore themed areas, including a vault. 

Transformers: The Ark

Address: 38 Russell St, Causeway Bay

Calling all Autobots! Transformers: The Ark offers a unique blend of dining and fanfare, setting itself apart as the world’s first Transformers-themed restaurant. It transports diners straight into the universe of the iconic franchise, with decor inspired by the Autobots’ spaceship, The Ark, and immersive 3D projections.

Guests can indulge in a variety of American comfort food while surrounded by an environment that feels like stepping into a live scene from the series. Whether you’re a lifelong Transformers fan or just looking for a unique dining experience, Transformers: The Ark serves up a memorable adventure.


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Mong Kok Toy District 

Address: West Kowloon, Yau Tsim Mong District

Venture into the heart of Mong Kok and discover a paradise for toy enthusiasts – the Mong Kok Toy District. Here, two distinct shopping experiences await. In’s Point pulsates with a frenetic energy, offering a dazzling array of toys for every interest. Anime aficionados will unearth figurines from their favourite series, while action figure hunters can track down superheroes and villains from every comic book universe. Keep an eye out for popular LEGO sets and Gundam models waiting to be assembled into miniature masterpieces.

For a more upscale experience, head to Sino Centre. Here, discerning collectors can browse high-end, limited-edition figurines and meticulously crafted replicas. Gamers will find a treasure trove of video game merchandise, while stores brimming with the latest Japanese imports ensure you’ll discover the hottest new toys before anyone else. For those whose interests lie beyond anime, the true gem is the Hot Toys Secret Base outlet, perched on the 20th floor. Here, visitors will be mesmerised by an impressive array of premium figures spanning the Marvel, DC, and Star Wars universes.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, Mong Kok Toy District promises an exciting adventure filled with pop culture gems waiting to be unearthed. For more shopping points in Mong Kok, check out our guide.


Avenue of Stars

Address: Avenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui

Cinephiles with an affinity for Asian cinema will find a visit to Tsim Sha Tsui’s Avenue of Stars not just compelling, but essential. This waterfront promenade serves as a heartfelt tribute to the luminaries of Hong Kong cinema, echoing the Hollywood Walk of Fame but set against the stunning vista of Victoria Harbour. Spanning 440 meters, the promenade is adorned with over 100 plaques dedicated to the stars who have played pivotal roles in elevating Hong Kong’s film industry to global prominence.

The Avenue of Stars offers more than a mere enumeration of Hong Kong’s cinematic elite, it provides a tangible connection to legends such as Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh through their handprints, inviting visitors to brush up against greatness in its most literal sense. 

Beyond the celebratory plaques, the promenade is punctuated by significant installations, including a majestic bronze statue of Bruce Lee poised in mid-action, captivating martial arts enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. The experience is further enhanced as evening falls, with the Symphony of Lights illuminating Victoria Harbour in a spectacle of colour and light, ensuring the Avenue of Stars offers a memorable backdrop to honour the giants of Hong Kong cinema.

A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial

Address: Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 1 Man Lam Rd, Sha Tin

This year commemorates the 100th anniversary of Dr. Louis Cha, famously known as Jin Yong, a monumental figure whose martial arts novels have become cornerstones of Chinese literature. The World of Wuxia exhibition at Edinburgh Place, highlighted by Ren Zhe’s sculptures of Jin Yong’s characters, including a Mongolian yurt from The Eagle-Shooting Heroes, enables visitors to immerse themselves in iconic scenes using audio guides and AR technology. This is complemented by a broader exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, showcasing Ren Zhe’s creations alongside seminars, immersive experiences, and manuscript displays from 16 March to 7 October.

Recognising Hong Kong as the birthplace of Jin Yong’s wuxia novels, the centennial celebrations also involve collaborations with international institutions and foreign consulates to create interactive experiences that promote Jin Yong’s novels as a means to appreciate Chinese culture and share Hong Kong’s narratives. These events aim not only to rekindle the cherished memories associated with Jin Yong among older generations, but also to introduce his legendary works to younger audiences, ensuring his legacy continues to inspire and entertain.


Hot Toys


  • Secret Base: 20/F, Sino Centre, 582-592 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok
  • Rebel Base: Tsim Sha Tsui, Canton Rd, Harbour City, Ocean Terminal, SHOP OT G52, G/F
  • Echo Base: Causeway Bay, Great George St, 華登大廈 Fashion Walk, 地下12-14舖

Hong Kong isn’t just a haven for casual toy shoppers – it also caters to high-end collectors with the prestigious Hot Toys. This Hong Kong-based manufacturer has gained a global reputation for its stunningly detailed, 1/6th-scale collectable figurines. Hot Toys meticulously recreates iconic characters from pop culture franchises like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Star Wars.  

Hot Toys boasts dedicated stores across Hong Kong, including Secret Base in Mong Kok, Rebel Base in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Harbour City, and Echo Base in Causeway Bay’s Fashion Walk.  Here, collectors can browse through an impressive selection of these premium figures, each a work of art that brings their favourite characters to life.


World of Frozen (Hong Kong Disneyland)

Address: Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland is now home to a new attraction for fans of Disney’s Frozen – the World of Frozen. This immersive area stands as the first and most extensive recreation of Arendelle (the beloved kingdom from the film) anywhere in the world. Visitors stepping into this space are greeted by stunning Nordic-inspired architecture that vividly brings the animated movie to life, with the majestic Arendelle Castle and its iconic spires becoming even more breathtaking at night.

The World of Frozen isn’t just about the sights, it’s also about the experiences. Guests can enjoy two thrilling rides: Frozen Ever After, a musical boat journey that might have you singing along with Elsa, and Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, a ride inspired by Oaken’s Trading Post that promises a fun-filled adventure. Additionally, the Playhouse in the Woods offers a unique blend of meet-and-greet and interactive theatre, where guests can step into Elsa and Anna’s secret childhood hideaway for an enchanting experience powered by physical sets, projection mapping, and a few surprises.


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Beyond the rides and attractions, visitors can warm up with a meet-and-greet with their favourite characters, savour Frozen-themed treats and meals at the Golden Crocus Inn or the Northern Delights sweet shop, and hunt for souvenirs at Tick Tock Toys and Collectibles

From nostalgic trinket shops echoing the city’s tram heritage to the immersive worlds of Disney and cinematic legends, the exploration of Hong Kong’s eclectic geek havens illustrates the city’s rich tapestry of pop culture and technological marvels. 

These hidden gems, each with its own unique allure, invite enthusiasts, collectors, and adventurers alike into a realm where imagination meets tangible experiences. Whether it’s through the lens of a camera, the pages of a comic book, or the joy of a newly discovered collectable, Hong Kong continues to be a vibrant playground for tech and pop culture fun in 2024 and beyond.