The YoloBox Pro Is An Extravagant Way To Pull Off An Awesome Livestream

In recent times, livestreams have become more and more common. Whether you’re a Twitch gamer, a business owner selling goods from home, or a wedding planner who offers professional live-streaming to friends and family of the couple who can’t make it for the event due to COVID-19 event restrictions, there are plenty of ways one can use the YoloBox Pro because it’s quite literally all you ever need to pull off an awesome livestream.

The YoloBox Pro is a video switcher, encoder, streamer, monitor, recorder, and audio mixer all in one. With HDMI1, 2 and 3 ports, a USB port, an ethernet port, an HDMI out port, two USB-C ports (one for charging and one for external device), a headphone jack and an SD card slot, the YoloBox allows users to set up a professional multi-camera production with just minimal equipment.

yoloblox pro

With various built-in templates such as scoreboards, countdowns and more, the YoloBox Pro minimises the need for any sort of third-party apps and software, and almost eradicates the need for editing in post-production once you’re done livestreaming.

The YoloBox Pro is available on Amazon for US$1,200.

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