The Simpsons Gets Avengers: Endgame Inspired Poster For Upcoming Episode

The Simpsons is getting the Avengers treatment in its next episode and its creator Matt Selman has teased the upcoming crossover with a new poster that parodies the poster of Avengers: Endgame.

The poster was revealed on Selman’s Twitter account to promote the new episode titled Bart the Bad Guy

On the poster, Bart takes centre stage alongside several other characters, some are familiar faces while others look entirely new to the Simpsons universe, including the multi-chin Thanos who goes by the name of “Chinnos” and will be voiced by none other Marvel’s big boss Kevin Feige

On the other side of Bart’s giant head in the poster is two grinning movie executives who will be voiced by the directors of Avengers: Endgames, the Joe and Anthony Russo themselves. 

Surrounded by the otherwordly-looking cast of characters are Homer, Marge and Lisa Simpson who mostly appear frightened by the scene in front of them (Homer has, unsurprisingly, fallen asleep). Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the baby of the bunch, Maggie Simpson is noticeably missing but Fox has quickly clarified in a Tweet that “she’s a little too young to be watching superhero movies”

“Bart the Bad Guy” will see Bart somehow managing to watch an unauthorised early preview of an unreleased sequel to an extremely popular, highly anticipated superhero movie. Soon after he’s done watching the preview, he realises that he has the power to spoil the movie for millions of others who have yet to watch the movie. The movie execs played by the Russo brothers will be trying their best to convince Bart to do otherwise. 

The upcoming episode will air on 1 March 2020 at 8pm ET (2 March 2020 at 9am SGT).

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