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The New John Wick Strategy Game Is Slick & Stylish

The problem with adapting action movies into games is that, usually, it’s a lazy copy-paste affair of an action game engine, with like-for-like cutscenes and bad voice acting. The new John Wick game doesn’t look anything of the sort, and that’s a good thing.

John Wick Hex is an isometric turn-based strategy game, first and foremost, which sets it apart from other action-focused game adaptations of movies.

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Starring the titular John Wick in bearded Keanu Reeves likeness, you’ll be slinking your way across darkened alleyways, getting the kill on unsuspecting enemies with a bevvy of weapons and gadgets. Think chess meets Metal Gear with this game.

Two very similar games would be Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO — two games also deviating from the high-octane action of the game/movie franchises they’re based on.

Every level draws heavily from the movies, but is visually very different, offering a highly-stylized, cel-shaded take on the neo-noir backdrops of the films.

And, like John Wick himself, you’ll require a cool head rather an going in guns akimbo to progress through levels and, ultimately, the main story itself.

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Directed by Mike Bithell, the mastermind behind the indie hit Thomas Was Alone, John Wick Hex takes place in an original story that might draw parallels to the original films, but is a standalone tale regardless.

While there is no exact date for its release, John Wick Hex will be available on PC and Mac, exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

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