Exciting because this might be the first piece of unified hardware that exists for the PC that combines both keyboard and mouse ala Apple. Even if it’s not the first, I’m sure it would be right up there for having both form and function while maintaining an affordable price.


Coming in at a cool SGD$139, the TK820 is cheaper than the Apple combo in every way possible. The MagicWand combo debuted sometime in 2011 but that’s only for the bridge, keyboard and trackpad not included.

I’ve yet to lay my lands on the actual keyboard itself but with such a reasonable price point I can’t ask for anything more though build quality might be sacrificed.

The killer feature that sold me on the keyboard? This keyboard has what Logitech calls Incurve keys which means one can type quietly and comfortably with concave key surfaces that complement the natural profile of your fingertips. Sounds like a typing pleasure made for those long hours in the office.

Would it be too much to ask and make it mechanical as well?

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