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The LEGO Ideas 21321 International Space Station With Rotating Panels Launches February 2020

LEGO has long been a perpetrator of miniature brick versions of some of the biggest and most iconic structures the world has ever seen. Its latest such iteration is the new LEGO Ideas 21321 International Space Station (ISS), launching 1 February 2020.

Modelled after the iconic space station launched into orbit in 1998, this set was crowdsourced by the LEGO community.

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As a homage to the ISS that is still in orbit after 22 years and counting, it is most certainly one to build and put up for display in your very own home.

Coming in at 864 pieces, the LEGO Ideas ISS is actually a really faithful adaptation of the original, featuring a miniature dockable space shuttle, a detachable satellite that can be deployed using the Canadarm (which also got replicated nicely), rotating solar panels, as well as two astronaut Minifigs.

The LEGO Ideas 21321 ISS will be available on 1 February 2020 at LEGO Certified Stores and the LEGO website, and will retail for US$69.99.

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