The Goonies Cast Reunites After 34 Years In Fundraising Zoom Call

Hey, you guys! Arguably one of the most iconic casts of characters from 1985 has banded together once more, this time in a quest to vanquish a monster known as COVID-19.

Recently, the cast of The Goonies took part in a short but heartwarming teleconference reunuion under Frozen II star Josh Gad in his show “Reunited Apart“, which premiered on YouTube earlier this week. The candid show was done as part of Gad’s initiative to provide awareness and support for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to aid the pandemic relief efforts.

The 26-minute video featured Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, Ke Huy Quan, Martha Plimpton, with the likes of original writer/director/producer trio Richard Donner, Chris Colombus and Steven Spielberg popping in at various instances during the call.

This reunion was short-lived, but certainly one we fans needed right now. And in case you were craving for more of The Goonies, there’s a new TV series based on the original movie being developed at Fox at the moment.