‘The Angry Birds Movie 3’ Soars With Jason Sudeikis & Josh Gad Returning

If you’ve managed to forget about Angry Birds, the colourful strategy game that became a hit in 2010, existed, the franchise isn’t quite done, or ready to let go of its influence. Which leads to The Angry Birds Movie 3 attempting to take flight five years after the second movie, announcing that Jason Sudeikis would return as Red, and Josh Gad as Chuck.

the angry birds movie 3

The Angry Birds Movie director John Rice returns for the third instalment, as well as The Angry Birds Movie 2’s Thurop Van Orman, who will serve as screenwriter and executive producer, alongside Sonic the Hedgehog producer Toru Nakahara.

The franchise last released its 29th game in 2022, Angry Birds Journey, which earned lower revenue than its previous games, and studio Rovio was acquired by SEGA in August 2023. Most notably, Rovio delisted the original Angry Birds app from the Google Play Store and renamed it ‘Red’s First Flight’ on the app store, citing its impact on the developer’s game portfolio for its removal.

Can The Angry Birds Movie 3 do the impossible and take to the skies? Perhaps the franchise has one last flight left.